What is Buymylux.ng?

Buymylux.ng is a resale website. The 1st of its kind focusing on resale of luxury fashion items in Nigeria. Making buying and selling of pre-loved items seamless and swift.

How does it work?

Sellers send their item(s) to Us and we list item(s) on Buymylux.ng, Buyers purchase items on the website. Buymylux.ng  delivers it to the buyer. 

How do I sell on Buymylux?

It's easy simply follow the steps listed on our Sell page 

How do I shop on Buymylux?

  • Sign up on Buymylux.ng
  • Select item(s) to shopping cart.
  • Complete your order by checking out and pay.
  • Wait for item to be delivered to you.

I do not want to loose my money, how can I be sure I will receive the item I purchased?

Your payment is safe! When you shop on Buymylux.ng, the funds go directly to Buymylux.ng and it is held safe until the buyers return period for the item elapses. This is typically 7days from receipt of item.

When will I receive payment for items I sold on Buymylux.ng?

You will receive your payment on the 8th day  from the date the item was delivered to the buyer.

What fee do I pay to become a seller on Buymylux.ng?

It is free to list your items on Buymylux.ng. When your item has been sold, we will charge a percentage of the sale depending on the category of seller you belong to:

  • Individuals will be charged 25.5%
  • Businesses will be charged 17.5%

*For businesses you are required to include extra information to prove your status as a merchant.